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Smith and Associates is a well respected chartered accounting and consulting firm. :: Training Opportunities

Training Opportunities

Training in pursuit of ACCA

As an employer of ACCA students, Smith & Associates plays an important role in ensuring those working towards ACCA qualifications gain suitable work experience. The firm also wants to get the very best out of our trainees and the role of the workplace mentor is vital to trainees realising their potential within this organisation.

Who is a workplace mentor? 

A workplace mentor oversees trainees’ achievement of performance objectives. Their role is central to a trainee completing their practical experience requirement and achieving their qualifications in accountancy.

A workplace mentor should provide guidance and support to the trainee by:

  • Helping identify which performance objectives the trainee should aim to achieve
  • Setting time lines and targets for performance
  • Providing access to appropriate work experience and other development opportunities
  • Evaluating and reviewing their progress on a regular basis
  • Signing off performance objectives that the trainee has achieved.

Trainee Development Plan

  • Smith & Associates will partner with its ACCA trainees to develop their individual development need annually.
  • Trainees in conjunction with their supervisors prepare and agree their development needs.
  • Individual development needs will be reassessed annually.
  • Trainees will be provided with appropriate opportunities to meet their development needs.
  • Trainees development activities will be documented on an ongoing basis and the documentation will be approved by the trainees’ Work Place Mentor half yearly.
  • Trainees’ progress in their studies and examination will be monitored and those who are successful will be             appropriately recognized while those who are not will be appropriately counseled. 
  • Trainees who are not successful in their examination will be required to submit a written report giving reasons as to what may have contributed to the result along with a copy of the result.